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Toronto Based Tutoring That’ll Take Your Child’s Grades & Confidence To New Heights!

If you want to help your child get better grades, fast, the Academy’s unique tutoring services are right for you.
At 25 Toronto based Academy Tutoring Centres, we provide world-class tutoring services to students in Math (Grade K-12), English (Grade 1-8), Chemistry & Physics (Grade 11 & 12).
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Proven Tutoring Track Record

Tutoring = Happy KidsFor the last 21 years, we’ve helped thousands of students succeed, right across the country, and will do the same for your child.

Startling, Rapid Grade Rise For Your Child

Your child will experience a 1-2 grade level improvement in math or English, in less than 6 months. This is based on the average improvement seen by our students. And, we’re not referring to letter grades here. We’re referring to FULL grade levels.
So, for example, just imagine your, say, Grade 6 level math student comfortably handling Grade 8 level math, in less than 6 months after starting a tutoring program with us. Apply this to whatever grade your child is currently in.
When subject mastery rises like this, Math and English grades go skyward, in a hurry. We are your surefire path to better grades in the Toronto area.

World Class Curriculum – Perfected Over 3 Decades

Remarkable, rapid learning gains are commonplace for our students thanks to our proven, unique tutoring curricula, which covers both math and English. Custom tailored to each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses, it places all learning objectives within a student’s immediate grasp, based on their current level of understanding.
Never satisfied with less than perfection, we have spent 3 decades tirelessly honing and crafting our curricula to deliver the greatest possible gains for our students, in the least amount of time.
Your child gets to be the beneficiary – available throughout Toronto!

Better Grades – Just The Beginning

Better grades are really just the beginning. As your child’s subject mastery grows, and Math and/or English grades start to rise rapidly, you’ll notice newfound confidence overflowing into all areas of your child’s life.
This transformation is often remarkable. When a child feels s/he can conquer school, all things seem possible. For us, tutoring doesn’t just work – it transforms our students, so they can rise into their greatness.
To unlock your child’s full academic potential, call us or complete our Contact Form now. With 23 tutoring centres in the Toronto area, one is bound to be near you!
Special Offer – For Toronto Students Only:
Act Today – Get 2 Tutoring Lessons & A Skill Level Assessment ($150 Value) – FREE!